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Since its inception as an independent form of sport, windsurfing has managed to attract huge number of surfers each year. This is primarily because of the different forms of windsurfing that surfers can choose from according to their skill and preferences. From wave sailing to freestyle to slalom and racing, surfers can take their pick. Yet another form of windsurfing that has revolutionized the sport is indoor windsurfing. This form received massive support among surfers across the world and is now an extremely popular form of windsurfing. Considering this, the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) organizes indoor windsurfing contests each year.

A brief summary

The first formal indoor windsurfing event was held in 1990 at the famous Bercy Stadium in Paris. However, till 1998 it was greatly restricted only to France with a large number of French masters dominating the scene. From 1998 to 2004, the activities remained largely subdued. With the beginning of the PWA World Tour, it got a fresh lease of life and became a much anticipated event of the World Tour.

This form comprised of three styles namely slalom, freestyle and jumping and was held at some of the most impressive indoor windsurfing stadiums ever built. In 2005, the events were held at the Royal Victoria Dock while in 2006 the venue was Ghent in Belgium. This stadium has the reputation of being the largest indoor windsurfing stadium ever constructed.

Greatest Champions

Indoor windsurfing has seen the rise of several windsurfing stars that have captivated the audiences the world over. In 2005, it was Nicholas Baker (slalom), Josh Angulo (jump) and Nicholas Akgazciyan (freestyle) who emerged champions in the men's category. In the women's category, surprisingly it was Iballa Moreno who upset her twin sister Daida in the freestyle indoor windsurfing contest. However, Daida Moreno maintained her supremacy over Iballa in the slalom round.

The year 2006 witnessed yet another classic performance from the master of freestyle indoor windsurfing, Nicolas Akgazciyan of France. He prevailed over Kevin Mevissen and Marcilio Browne to win yet another keenly contested event. Nicholas achieved this feat before an ecstatic crowd at Ghent.

In the women's group, it was Karin Jaggi who triumphed over reigning champion Iballa Moreno and Silvia Alba to win the freestyle event. Karin added yet another feather in her cap that year as she won in slalom windsurfing as well. Yet again her closest competitor was Iballa Moreno. In the jumps segment, it was Marcilio Browne who scored a huge victory over fellow competitors like Thomas Traversa, Kauli Seadi and Josh Angulo. In the women's category, Iballa Moreno avenged her previous two losses to Karin Jaggi as she scored an emphatic victory over her. Silvia Alba finished third in the jumps segment.

For 2007 and 2008, indoor windsurfing was missing from the official PWA World Tour calendar. However, it will be making a comeback in 2009. The event would be held in the Spanish capital of Madrid, which is a new venue added to the PWA. 

The PWA World Tour has really given a great fillip to this form. It has not only provided a platform for young talent but also raised the bar of windsurfing worldwide.

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PWA Indoor Windsurfing

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This article was published on 2010/03/30